Personal Shopping Solution

Increased Revenue

Personal Shopping Scan increases revenue in stores where it is implemented. It has proven particularly attractive for large basket shoppers and is shown to increase basket size. It increases the number of visits per month so making shoppers more loyal.

Lower Costs

Self-scanning saves staff time freeing them to do other tasks and reduces the number of traditional checkouts required. The latest mobile payment solutions promise to transform the payment process leading to even greater savings.

Better Service

Customer benefits include saving around 10 – 15 minutes per trip, only having to pack bags once and checking your bill as you shop. Enhanced benefits also include access to lists, reminders and recipes, help locating products and personalised promotions.

Personal Sopping

A personal shopping consultant allows you to increase the profits of stores. This solution is especially attractive for buyers with a large shopping basket and allows you to increase its size

Convenient Payment

The newest payment solutions will transform the payment process, providing even more time savings.